After the JD III: Third Results of a National Study of Legal Careers

After the JD III: Third Results of a National Study of Legal Careers

This report gives an overview of findings from the third wave of data collection for the After the JD Study of Lawyers’ Careers, which we refer to in this report as After the JD3 or simply AJD3. In the late 1990s, given significant changes taking place in the careers of American lawyers and the absence of systematic empirical data on lawyers’ careers that were national in scope and tracked changes in the professional life course, a consortium of organizations launched the After the JD Study. After the JD was designed to track the careers of a nationally representative cohort of lawyers admitted to the bar in the year 2000 over the first 12 years of their careers. The first wave of the study (AJD1) provided a snapshot of the personal lives and careers of this cohort about three years after they began to practice law. The second wave of the study (AJD2) examined the progression of lawyers’ careers through roughly seven years in practice. This third wave of the study (AJD3) provides data on this cohort 12 years into their careers. It is the capstone of the After the JD Study as originally conceived.

Gabriele Plickert, Ronit Dinovitzer, Bryant G. Garth, Robert Nelson, Gabriele Plickert, Rebecca Sandefur, Joyce Sterling, David Wilkins, Tony Love, Gabriele Plickert, and Chantrey J. Murphy

American Bar Foundation and NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education


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