Examination of Cosmetology Licensing Issues

Examination of Cosmetology Licensing Issues

As a type of occupational regulation, licensure is intended to protect the public by ensuring that practitioners possess the required knowledge and skills to safely perform their craft. Unlike certifications, licensing requirements are set and managed at the statelevel, and without a license a professional cannot legally practice. A national post-election study in 2012 showed that 94 percent of the voting public supports licensing in the cosmetology industry, and a vast majority of the voting population believes that if states were to stop license requirements, then safety (82%) and quality (76%) would decline. Given the nature of the job activities, tools, and working environment, ensuring that beauty professionals are knowledgeable about techniques such as proper disinfection and handling of chemicals makes for safe practice and consumer protection.

Kaila M. Simpson, Cheryl Hendrickson, Dwayne Norris, Randy J. Vander Molen, David Vestal, Kathryn Kavanagh, Samantha Lilly, Gauri Rege, and Deeza-Mae Smith

American Institutes for Research

August 30, 2016

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