Houston Moves Toward Reduced Parking Requirements

Houston Moves Toward Reduced Parking Requirements

Houston holds a special place in the hearts of many urbanists due to its lack of single-use zoning, density regulations, restrictions on mixing apartment buildings with smaller housing units, or large minimum lot sizes.  

But, like all things we hold dear, Houston isn’t perfect. The original sin of Space City is, well, how much space it takes up. This urban sprawl is often attributed to Houston’s notorious parking lot requirements.

This could soon change. The management districts of East Downtown and Midtown Houston gave a vote of confidence to a proposal to eliminate on-site parking requirements in those parts of the city. Dan Singer writes in Swamplot that the plan would “supplement Downtown’s existing Central Business District…where developers are free to build without leaving room — like the rest of Houston must — for on-site parking spots.”

The proposal now goes to the city council for review after a public comment period.

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