Job Analysis: A Guide for Credentialing Organizations

Job Analysis: A Guide for Credentialing Organizations

There are also considerations that relate to how the concept of a job analysis will be received by board members and licensees or certificants. First, it is important to determine how the results of a job analysis will be used by a credentialing organization. The results of a job analysis may significantly impact training requirements and educational curriculum such that training organizations and schools will need time to implement any changes.
Second, the credentialing organization must be prepared to address the findings of the job analysis. The job analysis might identify job tasks that are not currently in statute. The organization may have to prepare legislation to change statutes and licensure/certification policies.
Third, if the credentialing organization has adverse relations with its constituents, threre is the possibility that respondents who completed the job analysis survey questionnaire may not be representative of the profession. Thus, unless strategies are discussed to mitigate the situation, the best-planned efforts are doomed to fail if target population does not want to participate in interviews or focus groups, or complete the survey questionnaire.

Roberta N. Chinn and Norman R. Hertz

Council on Legislature, Enforcement and Regulation


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