Latest Legal Victory Has LegalZoom Poised for Growth

Latest Legal Victory Has LegalZoom Poised for Growth

But Rampenthal sees his company spurring broader changes in the legal services market, moving it toward an “ecosystem” that will more closely resemble the way medicine is delivered.
“You don’t walk right in and see the doctor,” he explains. “You see nurses and technicians and practitioners. The doctor relies on those other professionals, and the system lets the doctors do what they do best.” Paralegals and other licensed legal professionals will provide assistance and advice for certain matters and refer more complex matters to attorneys…
Markovic would prefer that bar associations accept we are in a do-it-yourself age and directly provide to consumers more of the documents and services they want. To the extent evidence can substantiate legitimate failures in the legal services market, however, Markovic would support regulatory or licensing schemes that would allow for alternatives.

Robert Ambrogi

ABA Journal

August 2014

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