Occupational Licensing and the Supply of Nonprofessional Manpower

Occupational Licensing and the Supply of Nonprofessional Manpower

This monograph presents the results of an Educational Testing Service study, studies by the Council of State Governments, and research by the Department of Labor staff on State occupational license laws. Major sections include: (1) Composition and Powers of the Licensing Boards, (2) Eligibility Requirements (covering personal and technical qualifications and fees), (3) Licensing Practitioners from Other States, (4) Public Information, and (5) Manpower Implications. Implications discussed concern: (1) the need for better information, (2) the desirability of uniform codes, (3) the need to establish testing and grading standards, (4) work-experience requirements, (5) nontechnical requirements, (6) lack of training facilities as a barrier to occupational entry, and (7) the question of who should bear the cost of protecting the public. Information regarding the number of selected occupations which are licensed, the number of states licensing selected occupations, and a list of selected occupations licensed by the various states are appended.


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