Opening San Diego’s Door to Lower Housing Costs

Opening San Diego’s Door to Lower Housing Costs

The total cost of regulation amounts to about forty percent of the cost of housing across the various price segments in all of San Diego County…This study indicates that approximately 21% of, or about 233,000, households throughout San Diego County are priced out of the market for owned or rented housing based on their current incomes. These individuals may have other assets they can use or may be able to secure €financial assistance from family or friends. They may €find options in the stock of existing housing, although new home prices will probably have an impact on that part of the market as well. If those options are not available, they may be forced to share housing with others in the region or €nd housing outside the area.

Cathy L. Gallagher, Lynn Reaser, Peggy Crane, Dieter Mauerman, Mark Undesser, and Nic Herbig

Fermanian Business and Economic Institute at PLNU


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