Physical Therapy Compact in Effect in Iowa, Texas

Physical Therapy Compact in Effect in Iowa, Texas

Interstate compacts for licensing, such as the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), are agreements between individual states that allow licensed workers to move between states with minimal (or no) requirements to become licensed in the state they move to if they’ve already been licensed in another compact state.

Early this year, Texas and Iowa joined seven other states (Mississippi, Missouri, Utah, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Oregon) that are currently issuing compact privileges.

From the Physical Therapy Compact (PT Compact):

Physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) whose home state is Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, or Utah [it is not clear why New Hampshire is not listed] will be able to go to to verify their eligibility and purchase compact privileges for one or more of the other remote states to have the ability to provide physical therapy services in the state(s) in which the compact privilege was purchased.

While those looking to practice in another state are required to pay a fee, the fees are quite modest (almost all of the 8 states are below $100, and the highest is $195.) There are also fee waivers for active duty military and their spouses in some states.

There are about a dozen more states that are also part of the compact (and a handful more that have legislation pending), but they are not currently issuing privileges.

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