Reforming Health Care Workforce Regulation

Reforming Health Care Workforce Regulation

” Pew Health Professions Commission endorses the need to reform the regulatory system, the general vision articulated by the Taskforce on the future of the system, and the invitation to an ongoing discussion of the ten recommendations proposed to achieve this vision.The Commission believes that state legislatures, professional boards, consumers and the health care professional and provider communities should engage in a broad discussion of the policy actions needed to improve health professional regulation in the 21st century. Consequently, it offers policy options for state consideration under each recommendation as a way of stimulating debate and discussion on each of the issues.
The issues discussed, innovations explored, challenges proposed, recommendations and policy options offered in this report, are made in general about health care workforce regulation. In some states and for some professions, particular issues may be more serious and future challenges more ominous. In other states and for other professions, however, certain issues may not be relevant or significant progress already made.
Given the scope and complexity of these issues and recommendations, it is impossible to acknowledge every nuance of an issue, every innovation made by a state or profession, or every political reality necessary for reform. It is the Commission’s intention that this report will stimulate extensive debate and discussion so that each nuance, innovation and political reality is illuminated, criticized or complimented, and widely discussed.”

Taskforce on Health Care Workforce Regulation

Pew Health Professions Commission

December 1995

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