This Week in Financial Regulation, January 16th

This Week in Financial Regulation, January 16th

Rent Check

How restrictions on access to the Fed’s discount window in the 1930s led banks to de-risk their portfolios, creating a subsequent bank run.

News and Commentary

Growing corporate debt could turn into the source of the next financial crisis, despite banks being better capitalized today than they were on the eve of the ’08 financial crisis.

New Research

A new paper from the Bank of England finds that macroprudential buffers, if set appropriately, could eliminate the “fire-sale externality” in the derivatives market.

A series of blog posts from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York outlines the costs of the Lehman Brothers default to creditors. The total cost to such creditors was between $45 and $60 billion, with a recovery rate for third-party creditors of about 30%.

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