This Week in Financial Regulation, March 24th

This Week in Financial Regulation, March 24th

News and Commentary

Jerome Powell did not comment when asked if the Fed would extend the capital requirement hiatus past March 31st, report Jesse Hamilton and Alex Harris for Bloomberg.

Erica Bosio, Rita Ramalho, Carmen Reinhart warn of potential sub-Saharan banking crises due to arrears in a VoxEU column.

Francisco Covas and Anna Harrington of the Bank Policy Institute urge the Fed to implement the stress capital buffer immediately.

The Treasury finalizes a rule recharacterizing stock and debt issued as part of the Emergency Capital Investment Program.

Alex Edmans reevaluates whether corporate sustainability reduces cost of capital in a VoxEU column.

Thorsten Beck, Elena Carletti, and Brunella Bruno comment on the relaxation of COVID-related banking supports, recommending combining that of profit-distribution restrictions and capital requirements.


New Research

Asaf Bernstein and Peter Koudijs find that mortgage amortization schedules significantly increase household wealth in an NBER paper.

Hugh Rockoff publishes his address to the Economic History Association in NBER, reviewing the history of financial failures.

Carol Goforth examines the effects of SEC v. Telegram and SEC v. Kik on cryptocurrency regulation in the American Business Law Journal.

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