This Week in Financial Regulation, March 31st

This Week in Financial Regulation, March 31st

News and Commentary

In a VoxEU column, Eric Monnet calls for the creation of the European Credit Council to evaluate the impacts of the European Central Banks’ decisions on external economic areas.

Caroline Hudson reports that the Fed has not extended its lifting of the supplementary leverage ratio.

The Bloomberg editorial board opines that capital buffers could allow the supplementary leverage ratio to be maintained during downturn.


New Research

Naz Koont and Stefan Walz find that the relaxation of the supplementary leverage ratio was moderately effective at allowing credit expansion in an SSRN paper.

Itay Goldstein et al. explore big data applications to finance in an NBER paper.

Daniel Greenwald et al. observe in an NBER paper that the growth of financial wealth inequality greatly exceeds that of total wealth.

Ṣebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Ilhyock Shim, and Xiaoxi Liu note that firms increase leverage more as their home currency appreciates.

Andrew Metrick and Daniel K. Tarullo detail their new paper on non-bank financial institutions and their regulation in Brookings commentary.

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