This Week in Financial Regulation, November 19th

This Week in Financial Regulation, November 19th

News and Commentary

Robert Schmidt, Jesse Hamilton, and Yalman Onaran trace Joe Biden’s dual task of pleasing Wall Street and his party’s more progressive figures on financial regulation. Tension could arise over appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Financial Stability Oversight Council, and Securities Exchange Commission. 

Tory Newmyer predicts that a Republican Senate would significantly raise Jerome Powell’s likelihood of staying Fed Chair beyond 2022. 


New Research 

John Berdell and Thomas Mondschean document the 1802 debate between Jeremy Bentham and Henry Thornton over their perceived tradeoff between effective monetary policy and bank regulation in the Journal of Economic Perspectives. 

Boyan Jovanovic, Sai Ma, and Peter Rousseau compare venture and buyout fund investment in an NBER paper, observing higher capital attraction and aggregate consumption correlation in venture funds.

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