This Week in Financial Regulation, October 6th

This Week in Financial Regulation, October 6th

News and Commentary

John Crabb forecasts a Biden-Harris administration’s financial regulation in an International Finance Law Review article.

A Fed proposal would roll recent stress tests in with a 2019 supervisory framework outlining categorical capital requirements, writes Hannah Lang for American Banker.

Asani Sarkar of the New York Fed assesses the efficacy of capital requirements and other too-big-to-fail reforms in a Liberty Street Economics blog.

Monetary policy analysts at the European Central Bank comment on COVID induced capital requirement lowering, noting that it complemented monetary measures to sustain sufficient lending.


New Research

Christos Makridis and Alberto Rossi find that a 10 percent increase in regulatory restrictions is associated with a 5.3 percent rise in STEM finance employment. The Mercatus working paper investigates causes of the increase in financial STEM workers and the decreased STEM earnings premium in finance.

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