This Week in Intellectual Property, December 4th

This Week in Intellectual Property, December 4th

Rent Check

New Research: the distribution of rents to workers in the form of wages for firms with high-value patents amount to about 30 cents for every dollar of patent-induced surplus.

News & Commentary

Terry Rozier of Boston Celtics is being sued by copyright holders of Scream mask for copyright infringement. The NBA player has been a fan of the movie since he was a child, and he created a line of apparel called “Scary Terry” gear featuring himself wearing the ghost mask from the 1996 horror movie.

Canadian entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary wants “to go to war with China on IP.” O’Leary complained that every time he comes up with a hit new product, he is “ripped off within 90 days.” O’Leary with a net worth of an estimated $400 million, stated he’s been ripped off “millions of dollars.”

Dean Baker equates distortions from tariffs to distortions from patents. Granting monopoly rights creates its own form of protectionism, from competition both foreign and domestic.

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