This Week in Intellectual Property, February 11th

This Week in Intellectual Property, February 11th

Rent Check

Despite the ease of communication provided by the internet, close physically proximity among inventors still provides a significant boost to innovation.


News and Commentary

Electric Frontier Foundation’s Joe Mullin’s stories of patent troll lawsuits. Broad patents provide the opening needed by patent trolls to target small businesses for cash demands.

Area for reform: R Street’s Bill Watson and Charles Duan spell out reforms needed to better equip the U.S. Patent system for the global economy. They argue for amending the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 with the proposed rules in the Trade Protection Not Troll Protection Act from last Congress.

Our patent system is an object of envy for some: The Economist explains why Chinese inventors are enamored with our centuries-old IP protection laws.

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman could be making amends for his previous authorship of the E-Government Act, as he joined a host of others in writing an amicus brief in support of removing the $.10 charged by the US government for access to published court records.

Pop Star News: Singer Ariana Grande is being sued for copyright infringement for dancing in a candle during her “God is a Woman” music video. Artist Vladimir Kush claims that idea was stolen from some of his paintings from the 1990s.


New Research

Are the Trump Administration’s attempts to protect U.S. IP working? A new report by the President’s intellectual property enforcement coordinator articulates the ways in which the administration is using trade practices, partnerships with the private sector, and a growing law enforcement program to combat domestic and international challenges to US intellectual property.

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