This Week in Intellectual Property, January 28th

This Week in Intellectual Property, January 28th

Rent Check

A new study finds that making users of expensive infringing content aware of a cheaper alternative to the original image used leads to a fourteen-fold increase in the number of sites that use a licensed image. This dramatic increase in compliance shows how when prices are reasonable, content users prefer to pay a small fee rather than pirating content.


News and Commentary

Read EFF’s amicus brief in Return Mail Inc. v. United States Postal Service. The 2012 American Invents Act (AIA) allowed third parties to challenge the validity of patents in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. This case would determine whether the government itself can be one of the entities able to challenge patent validity.

Google may pull Google News from EU if Article 11 passes. The “link tax” has already been tried in Spain, where Google News pulled out because it restricted the functioning of the service by not allowing samples of linked articles to be included. Here is Google’s take on what Google News would look like if the link tax went into effect:

Chooseco, the owner of the trademark for the 1980s “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s books, has filed suit for trademark infringement against Netflix. The alleged infringement comes from the use of the phrase “choose your own adventure” in the Netflix movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a film that itself allows the viewer to direct the progress of the film based on their own choices.

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