This Week in Intellectual Property, June 24th

This Week in Intellectual Property, June 24th

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An article published in Discover magazine discusses the research of Janet Freilich and the problem of “prophetic patents.” These patents are for inventions that don’t exist yet, some of which border on science fiction. The secret to getting a prophetic patent? Writing in the present tense on your application.

The Chinese tech company Huawei Technologies is demanding $1 billion in licensing fees from Verizon for the use of 230 patents by the American company.

Just for fun: here are 10 top sports team fight songs and whether or not they are still under copyright protection.

Podcasts have exploded in popularity, and TV adaptations of them have also earned critical success. But while podcasts are cheap to produce, many media companies are paying top dollar for the rights to these stories.

Writing in Bloomberg, Faye Flam argues that the proposed reforms to Section 101 would allow the functional patenting of genes by returning to the pre-Myriad days when all techniques that involved testing a given gene would fall under the scope of a patent.

VidAngel, the family friendly video streaming service that allows users to view content and skip parts they find distasteful, owes Disney, Warner Brothers, and other production companies that sued for copyright infringement $62.4 million. VidAngel plans to appeal, citing the 2005 Family Entertainment and Copyright Act as a protection for their screening technology.

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