This Week in Intellectual Property, March 26th

This Week in Intellectual Property, March 26th

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The EU Parliament passed its Directive on Copyright, including the dreaded Articles 11 and 13 (relabeled as 15 and 17). It’s unambiguously bad for a free and open internet, but hopefully difficulties associated with implementation will force the EU to reconsider.


News and Commentary

Foxconn is back in the news, this time being sued by Microsoft for failing to pay royalties on IP that were agreed to in 2013. This is a throwback to the first half of this decade, when Microsoft would use their expansive library of patents to collect revenue from android producers.

Law Professor Dennis Crouch has a rundown of the many patent cases that the Supreme Court could deal with over the next year.

Various groups representing music artists and labels announced they will be working together to build a digital system to better credit music to their creators. They argue that a clear accreditation system is crucial for artists to build fan bases.

Here is an excerpt from Nightingale-Conant’s new book on passive income. It advocates for professionals to use broad IP laws to create passive income streams.

Dean Baker argues that IP laws that create government-granted monopolies are negative government interference in the free market. Citing examples like Microsoft and big pharma, he encourages American liberals to embrace some aspects of the market by removing these harmful types of government regulations.


New Research 

The Global Innovation Policy Center is out with their annual¬†“International Intellectual Property Index”. It gives a breakdown of the IP atmosphere around the world.

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