This Week in Intellectual Property, March 4th

This Week in Intellectual Property, March 4th

Rent Check

Is there an alternative to the current expensive copyright system of academic publishing? The UC system is trying to change it by playing hardball with Elsevier, the notorious rent-seeking publisher of thousands of academic journals. The UC system announced they are cutting ties with Elsevier, to whom they paid over $10 million per year in subscription fees.


News and Commentary

What is the most effective way to ward off copyright infringement? A recent survey from New Zealand points to good products being offered at reasonable prices as the best strategy to prevent content piracy.

Anticipat Blog looks at the recent rise in reversals of abstract idea rejections for patent applications. Following new eligibility guidelines, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board has begun reversing rejections at a much higher rate.

The New York Times Editorial Board is hoping tomorrow’s Senate hearing with pharmaceutical executives will provoke reforms similar to those seen after the famous tobacco testimony of the 1990s.

The Copyright Royalty Judges will begin working to find reasonable terms for audio subscription services in January, 2021.

A representative of a trade union for record labels took to to decry efforts to get congressional support for the Local Radio Freedom Act. He argues that the bill, which would permit local radio stations to play music for free, would be a violation of content creators’ property rights.

Dean Baker points to patent monopolies as the reason behind high drug prices. Instead, the US should pay the research costs upfront through contracts with private companies, like we do for military research.

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