This Week in Intellectual Property, May 21st

This Week in Intellectual Property, May 21st

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A lawsuit between the creator of the Pepe the frog meme and the far-right website infowars for use of the frog’s likeness creates some open questions on the limits of fair use.


News and Commentary

In one of the most meta things to happen in legal history, the American Law Institute decided to take down a copy of their restatement on copyright, which advocated for a more dovish approach, claiming copyright infringement.

55 years ago on Sunday, the U.S. Copyright office announced they would start granting copyright to software.

A lawsuit challenging a copyright injection over a banana costume started in Philadelphia. While the details of the case are absolutely ridiculous, there’s an interesting legal issue here. Even if the allegedly infringing banana costume is found to be an infringement on the original one, the “merger doctrine” would probably come to save the infringer. There are only so many ways to make a banana costume, so the expression and the idea have “merged,” making it uncopyrightable.

Public citizen documents the rise of copyright trolls and how they use DMCA takedown notices to  shake down unsuspecting websites.

Conan O’Brien, who has been accused of stealing jokes and now faces copyright infringement for the alleged theft, opens up about copyright trolls and their impact on comedy.

Musician Logan Paul has been sued by the band Flobots for allegedly infringing in his 2017 song “No handlebars” on their copyrights for the 2008 song “handlebars.”

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