This Week in Intellectual Property, May 28th

This Week in Intellectual Property, May 28th

Rent Check

A forthcoming Fordham Law Review paper makes the case for comprehensive right to repair legislation in the US, arguing (among other points) that more R2R will make innovators of all those who make repairs.


News and Commentary

Compared to previous USPTO directors, Andrei Iancu is quite hawkish, ignoring calls for reforms and looking to overturn precedent established in cases like Alice. It is worth noting that while his predecessors came from the tech world (with varying degrees of IP hawkishness), Iancu comes from Irell and Manella, an LA patent law firm. From FOSS Patents.

Terms of service agreements, DRM, and other forms of intellectual property protection have made us less the owners of our devices and more “serfs,” writes Cory Doctorow.

Meanwhile, the PRC claims that American railing against such “theft” is a political tool.

The Angrybear blog has an analysis of drug pricing for branded pharmaceuticals. The sale costs are wildly different from the costs of production.

A column from VoxEU examines the hinderances that face licensing agreements: hold-ups, where the existence of a patent is discovered after an investment has been made to produce the patented good; reverse hold-up, where the user refuses to negotiate for royalties; and ex-ante negotiations, where the royalties are agreed upon before investment and production.

YouTube has worked diligently to keep up with current copyright law, but during legal disputes record studios prevail over a platform designed to spread information freely and easily, finds Julia Alexander of The Verge.

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