This Week in Intellectual Property, September 16th

This Week in Intellectual Property, September 16th

News and Commentary

Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Intellectual Property convened a hearing titled Innovation in America: How Congress Can Make Our Patent System STRONGERfocusing on the STRONGER patents act. The witnesses testifying before the committee were evenly split on the bill.

This article exposes some of the potential abuses opened up by the CASE Act.  To combat some small infringement claims, this act would create a quasi-judicial body within the legislative branch, all while punishing people with disproportionate penalties.

Bloomberg summarizes the Chinese responses to American trade demands.  While China has announced some new IP initiatives, they still come up short on many international standards.

Patenting genetically modified crops endangers the livelihoods of farmers in the developing world.  Often, these farmers can not control what seeds blow onto their fields.

Dennis Crouch of Patently-O breaks down two recent patent cases: 1) the federal circuit court finds that commercial success is unrelated inventiveness and 2) Texas must pursue an infringement suit in another state’s court.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently received a bogus accusation of copyright infringement. Their reply is a master class in how to respond.

Disney just patented the use of scents in amusement park rides.

Members of Congress sent an open letter to Google probing the company’s provision of copyright protection for small creators.

The STRONGER Patents Act would undo much of the progress brought on by the America Invents Act.

Mercedes-Benz is being sued for copyright infringement for capturing street art and murals in the background of their commercials.
Lead by the New York Public Library, a coalition of archivists, activists, and librarians are rushing to publicize works in the public domain whose copyright has inadvertently lapsed.
In CNN this week, Garret Johnson’s and Wayne Brough write about the pharmaceutical industry’s systemic abuse of patent protection laws to unduly extend their monopoly control.
This article documents the differing perspectives on the ongoing US-China IP dispute.  Rebecca Fannin argues that the fear of Chinese companies stealing intellectual property is largely overblown.

New Research

A new article from the American Economic Association reviews the role of patent reform in strategies to promote innovation and growth.

New research from the NBER explores the structure of generic drug markets.  As drugs age, they tend to attract more competitors.

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