This Week in Land-Use Regulation, April 10th

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, April 10th

Rent Check

What happens when you restrict the supply of new apartments? Wealthy single-residents move to more spacious apartments designed for families, which drives up their rent.


News and Commentary

Freddie Mac ranked the cities with the highest rent-burden for their residents. Miami was ranked the worst, followed by San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles.

Curbed‘s Patrick Sisson explains that the housing crisis isn’t restricted to just urban areas. In fact, almost half of rural renters pay more than a third of their income for rent.

Cathy Reisenwitz goes point by point in explaining why the current complaints about SB 50 are incorrect. Those complaints, which mostly focus on concerns for inequitable growth, rely on false premises.

A group of pro-development organizations in California have developed an excellent mapping tool that gives data on the land use of each county in California.

Citylab breaks down which neighborhoods across the country put particularly heavy burdens on their rent-paying residents.

Due to a 2016 zoning change that prohibits “adult-use businesses” from operating inside a business district, a Long Island Vape shop is being forced to move locations. The owner of the store is suing the town to figure out why the alcohol and cigarette stores across the street aren’t also considered “adult-use”.

Walter Olson asks an important question: why would any community with strict zoning laws invest in civic amenities if they will cause rents to rise?


New Research

How do local amenities factor into the cost of housing? A new paper shows that pricing for amenities can be a powerful margin price in communities with restricted housing supply.

A new article in theĀ Boston College Law Review expects further state intervention in local housing policy. With a worsening crisis on growing power on the state level, the author thinks that State policymakers will have a heavier hand in the future on forming the housing supply.

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