This Week in Land-Use Regulation, December 7th

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, December 7th

Rent Check

1. California Senator Scott Wiener, author of SB 827, has a new bill, SB 50, that borrows from his previous legislation to increase density and housing opportunity in job- and transit-rich areas.

2. National Review‘s Kevin Williamson on how efforts to prevent the poor from moving into non-“Plan A” housing does more harm than good.


News and Commentary

1. The green new deal requires land-use and zoning reform. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” needs to promote urban density and housing development. Cities are excellent for reducing per-person carbon emissions, especially compared to the suburbs.

2. It’s the greed of homeowners, not developers, we should be worried about. “I don’t have anything in particular against people making money on an investment” says a post from the Market Urbanism report. “Where you lose me is when, as a homeowner, you put your desire for easy wealth over the needs of your neighbors, present and future.”

3. Berkeley City Council approves housing development after zoning board votes it down. Debate on the issue was heated, but the result was a win for development and affordability in the Bay Area. Read our previous coverage of the issue here.

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