This Week in Land Use Regulation, February 12th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, February 12th

News and Commentary

WDVM 25’s Rebecca Burnett notes Neighborhood Development Company founder Adrian Washington’s call for affordable housing units in D.C.

Nolan Grey analyses the effectiveness of the modern NIMBY coalition in the American Conservative.

Emily Hamilton at the Mercatus Center recommends affordable housing strategies for the new administration and Congress.

Pete Saunders opines in Bloomberg that the costs of gentrification must be minimized through incumbent engagement and the benefits maximized through inclusionary zoning.

As Utah’s housing shortage reaches crisis levels, Bethany Rodgers and Taylor Stevens report the competing state legislative remedies including removing barriers to accessory dwelling units in the Salt Lake Tribune.


New Research

David Schwegman and John Yinger find that New York State tax policies allow property owners to shift a portion of tax increases onto renters in a Center for Economic Studies paper.

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