This Week in Land Use Regulation, February 20th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, February 20th

News and Commentary

Newton, Connecticut’s zoning commission is reviewing proposed zoning regulation changes that would allow borough single-family houses to add “accessory apartments”. While it’s a small step, such measures can help increase affordability and density in any community.

Stanley Kurtz at National Review writes that Ben Carson is continuing the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule in a new form. He detests the political costs of such a policy that he claims will flip suburbs to Democratic voters, yet he fails to consider the reality that suburbs, red or blue, will use zoning to deny their fellow Americans access to affordable housing.


New Research

A new paper published in the journal Applied Geography reviews economic segregation in relation to highly-skilled work. It finds among other things that skilled high-tech work is associated with higher levels of economic segregation but does not increase over time.

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