This Week in Land Use Regulation, January 29th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, January 29th

News and Commentary

Noah Smith responds to what he terms left-NIMBYs, presenting the evidence for increased housing supply decreasing the rents of surrounding residences.

A Washington State bill would tax vacation rentals to fund affordable housing reports Brandon Block for the Tri-City Herald.

Bloomberg writer Sarah Holder interviews “Neighborhood of Fear” author Kyle Riismandel about the fears informing NIMBYism and the suburbs.

In a Brookings blog, Jenny Schuetz finds zoning a more pressing policy priority than public housing construction in addressing the affordability crisis facing the Biden administration.


New Research

Allison Shertzer, Tate Twinam, and Randall Walsh study zoning’s association with urban racial segregation in an NBER paper.

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