This Week in Land-Use Regulation, January 31st

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, January 31st

Rent Check

David Schleicher argues that a new breed of YIMBY politicians and grassroots activism in California may have the political will to correct the mistakes of their predecessors.

One of those new YIMBYs on the block is California Gavin Newsom, who is suing the city of Huntington Beach for failing to meet its state-required housing goals.


News and Commentary

Should a dog park take precedent over housing? Alex Baca and Nick Finio argue no in Greater Greater Washington.

Seattle plans to add affordable housing units near high-density transit lines.

Nolan Gray and Lyman Stone explain how blocking not only new housing, but also daycare centers and other resources needed by young parents, is a form of “vasectomy zoning.”


New Research

Do substance abuse treatment centers hurt property values? A new NBER paper finds that while anecdotal evidence of such facilities harming property values abounds, they in fact have only a 3-5% reduction on the high end, and no effect on the low end, making claims “overstated.” Rather, treatment facilities tend to endogenously move into lower-priced neighborhoods, instead of bringing property values down.

How does gentrification happen? A study from the Centre for Economic Policy Research finds that “pioneer” firms location in poor areas function as a bellwether for gentrification, “through the types of workers they hire, their signal as to the future prospects of a neighborhood, and their effect on the subsequent arrival of consumption amenities.”

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