This Week in Land Use Regulation, June 4th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, June 4th

News and Commentary

Writing for Greater Greater Washington, Wyatt Gordon discusses a new “anti-NIMBY” law soon to go into effect in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The law makes it far more difficult for localities to deny the creation of new housing due to the income of potential residents, a roundabout form of discrimination. While the impact of the bill will likely depend on interpretation by the courts, it is a clear signal about the need to combat laws which provide cover for the continuation of exclusionary housing policies.

In Vox, Jerusalem Demsas argues that our insanely tight housing market paves the way for racial discrimination. Not only does low supply price out lower-income or -wealth homebuyers, but sellers can turn to more creative approaches to discriminate against potential buyers like asking them to write personal cover letters, which can be used to discriminate based on religion, sexual orientation, or race based on personal details contained therein.

In a twopart series, Anthony Dedousis of Abundant Housing L.A. writes for City Commentary about the role of single-family zoning in increasing housing costs, preventing non-owner occupancy, and racial segregation in Los Angeles.

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