This Week in Land Use Regulation, March 5th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, March 5th

News and Commentary

James Alford examines in the Regulatory Review how the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation created generational wealth gaps resulting in the disparate impacts of warming.

Claudia Buch, Matthieu Bussière, and Linda Goldberg predict that re-tightening capital requirements could hamper global economic recovery, suggesting more capital investment pre-recession may enable better future responses.

For Greater Greater Washington, Dan Reed documents the fight for more housing in Montgomery County, Maryland, as planners hope for a viable and comprehensive solution.

U.S. buildings would reach an additional 6km per urban resident without the regulations restricting them, write Rémi Jedwab, Jason Barr, and Jan Brueckner in a VoxEU column.


New Research

Stephen Whitaker finds that a decreasing inflow of persons was a bigger driver of COVID’s ‘urban exodus’ than increased outflow in a Cleveland Fed data brief.

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