This Week in Land Use Regulation, May 14th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, May 14th

News and Commentary

Brookings Institute has a new report on how Covid-19 might impact the impressive growth rate that has been seen in the last decade for metropolitan downtowns across the country.

Freddie Mac Multifamily has a new article on affordable housing investments. While investments for development can help grow high poverty regions, it’s also important to focus on the regulatory side of development when meeting growing demand for affordable housing.

What’s the difference between zoning and deeds? Scott Beer at Catalyst explains why subsidizing deeds will still enable homeowner vetoes on greater density in their area. He argues replacing the municipal government with a homeowner association as the choke point on development still doesn’t help much with development.

Winthrop and Weinstine have put out a notice on affordable housing, arguing financial uncertainty for developers can be met with greater legislative tax and assistance programs for affordable housing. Of course, costs for housing can also decrease by simply building more with less strict zoning codes and quicker approval processes.

A new article at Manhattan Institute’s City Journal describes the long history of pandemics in cities. The author carefully notes that while bolstering government funding in preparation of future disease outbreaks may seem costly, the costs of being unprepared for a dense urban outbreak easily dwarf the costs of unused preparation by several orders of magnitude.


New Research

A new paper at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies looks into the design and costs of multifamily housing. You can read about some of the findings in a summary at Brookings Institution here. The authors break down various costs in building housing to meet growing demand.

A new report by the Economic Innovation Group reviews poverty in American neighborhoods and provides useful information about recent trends in both at-risk and high-poverty neighborhoods.

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