This Week in Land Use Regulation, May 21st

This Week in Land Use Regulation, May 21st

News and Commentary

Economic Innovation Group has a second report on neighborhood poverty in addition to the one we covered last week, forming a project on the topic as a whole. This report focuses on the growth of high-poverty neighborhoods in the past decades. Check out a summary at Axios for what this means in the wake of Covid-19.

Various House Democrats have proposed rent subsidies to help people struggling during the Covid-19 recession, reports Christian Britschgi in Reason. A better plan might be to avoid subsidizing landlords in the long run; cash transfers and wage subsidies would avoid this long run risk. Encouraging greater zoning changes could also reduce rent costs.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has finalized rule changes made in 2017 to public housing income recertification and other streamlining changes which will apply to multifamily housing programs.

A new blog post at the World Bank suggests that density has little to do with the spread of Covid-19 when looking at data from China.

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