This Week in Land-Use Regulation, November 21st

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, November 21st

News and Commentary

Seattle just added language to its 20-year growth plan about expanding accessory dwelling units and middle housing.  The move is an overdue baby step in the right direction.

A piece in the Washington Monthly argues that rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods have unduly dominated the discussion of struggling urban regions.  In fact, focusing too much on gentrification has fueled deleterious NIMBYism.


New Research

A new article in the NBER finds that proximity to another other multiplies inventors’ productive potential.  Concentrating people interested in the same industry in the same place allows them to share ideas and reduces the friction in starting new collaborations.  These findings suggest that increasing the housing affordability of high tech clusters could further spur dynamism.

A new article argues that intergenerational mobility is actually lower than it first appears once you take into account the imputed rents derived from homeownership.  Once the value of parents’ real estate is taken into account, society seems to afford less equality of opportunity.  There’s a good summary of the research in VoxEU.




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