This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 15th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 15th

News and Commentary

At AEI, Edward Pinto and Tobias Peter present the latest trends in home purchases. “In Sep. 2021, while increases in second and investment purchase rate lock volume continued to outpace primary purchase rate lock volume both in zip codes with high second home share and across the nation, the rate of increase across all three tenure categories has moderated.”

For the Sightline Institute, Dan Bertolet offers nine reasons to end exclusionary licensing. “Undoing the damage starts with legalizing more modest housing choices in places currently locked down against everything but the most expensive kind of home: a detached house with a big yard and driveway. Allowing middle housing types, such as triplexes and townhomes, can help curb prices and give people more affordable options close to jobs, shops, family, and schools.”

In Greater Greater Washington, Libby Solomon links DC’s homelessness challenges to a dearth of affordable housing.

In his Noahpinion Substack, Noah Smith hazards some guesses as to what American housing will looking like in the future. “The real key here is that despite greater density, the suburban way of life will be mostly preserved. And the fundamental reason it will be preserved is that Americans really really like living in the suburbs.”

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