This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 22nd

This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 22nd

News and Commentary

At the Diamondback, Shreya Vuttaluru covers ongoing zoning revisions in Prince George’s county: it “shouldn’t significantly alter housing and development in College Park, but it could raise housing prices in nearby Langley Park. In light of the proposed changes, activists and experts say there’s a need for affordable housing across the county.”

A video from California YIMBY links the state’s housing limitations with climate concerns, and makes a case for policies to address both.

For the Washington Business Journal, Tristan Navera reports on DC’s latest housing data. “These numbers read like a more normal cycle than 2020, as the market typically cools off quickly once school starts. But some experts aren’t convinced that’s going to pan out in 2021.”


New Research

In Economics of Innovation and New Technology, a paper from Jie Tang and Wenyue Cui finds that “there is significant innovation convergence at the city level in China . . . The speed of innovation convergence of cities within urban agglomerations is significantly higher than that of cities outside urban agglomerations.”

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