This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 2nd

This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 2nd

News and Commentary

Jenny Schuetz at Brookings describes the insights and limitations of the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey which gives a forward looking metric for roughly predicting future evictions. Schuetz calls for better housing data to be made available to policymakers.

Matthew Yglesias writes for Vox that substantial funding and regulatory relief for housing in the United States could unbridle economically and environmentally beneficial new construction in areas of high demand.

Joe Cortright reports University of Northern Illinois professor Chris Goodman’s findings on parking permit and transit pass pricing in City Observatory commentary. Goodman observed that American cities charge substantially more for transit than parking passes.

Michael Andersen documents how Oregon’s 2019 state legislation broke through municipal housing stalemate in Portland. The Sightline article asserts that other state and federal legislation could do the same for local zoning policy.


New Research

W. Walker Hanlon and Stephan Heblich attempt to explain long run growth and spatial organization of cities using historical literature in a National Bureau of Economic Research paper.

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