This Week in Land-Use Regulation, October 30th

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, October 30th

News and Commentary

Alby Gallun explains that the President may be out of touch with current suburban attitudes towards low income housing in Crain’s Chicago Business. Development in Chicago has been limited; the article reveals that affordable housing accounted for less than 10 percent of the total housing stock in 48 of 269 Chicago suburbs using 2018 Illinois Housing Development Authority data.

The Daily News Editorial Board argues that New York City’s long-standing affordable housing shortage must be addressed as incomes and municipal tax revenues fall due to COVID-19.

Christian Britschgi at Reason assesses declines of urban rents as landlords respond to decreased demand.

Emily Hamilton describes the ‘stickplex,’ a “dense residential structure or group of structures built with inexpensive materials and techniques” in Market Urbanism.

Kevin Erdmann compares COVID effects on rents in cities with more and less regulation; prices are less affected in less regulated areas given housing supply’s reactionary flexibility.


New Research

Felipe Carozzi, Sandro Provenzano, and Sefi Roth find that denser locales were more likely to have an early COVID outbreak but not increased time adjusted cases and deaths.

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