This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 31st

This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 31st

News and Commentary

Christian Britschgi has an article in Reason about how Facebook’s plan to solve the state’s housing affordability problem will fail to resolve the affordability crisis as long as restrictive regulations prevent new construction.

Jenny Schuetz of the Brookings Institution writes about her new research that identifies restrictive zoning regulations as the culprit for Washington DC’s increasingly high housing prices.

In City Observatory, Joe Cortright has a column making the contrarian case in favor of urban inequality. A city that isn’t unequal is either on the decline, or has excluded a large number of lower-income residents.

The Urban Institute initiative, Housing Matters has a post about the role housing codes should play in supplementing public health and how some cities have used them to penalize poorer residents.

In Nebraska, the Lincoln Journal Star has a column by Cindi Nickel about a new federal grant being able to bring down the cost of homes in the city of York.

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