This Week in Land Use Regulation, September 25th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, September 25th

News and Commentary

Joe Cortright summarizes Athey et al’s paper Experienced Segregation, writing that cell phone data allows a look at segregation at different times of day, types of locations, and in different cities.

A Free Thoughts podcast episode featuring Emily Hamilton explains zoning’s blighted history.

Chapter 9 of Climbing Mount Laurel; The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb portrays the struggle for affordable housing in the New Jersey township.

A Brookings blog post by Kristen E. Broady, Wendy Edelberg, and Emily Moss argues that state eviction moratorium policies following the CARES Act moratorium will continue to indebt small landlords while merely delaying the threat of eviction for renters.


New Research

Simeon Djankov, Edward L. Glaeser, Valeria Perotti, and Andrei Shleifer explore how property rights of possession and transfer impact development and government effectiveness in a new NBER paper.

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