This Week in Occupational Licensing, December 17th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, December 17th

News and Commentary

In Seattle Times Todd Myers pushes Washington lawmakers to allow ex-felon occupational licensing application for crimes unrelated to the profession, a proposal ignored in the state Senate after unanimously passing the House this year.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s office acknowledges an Arizona State report highlighted the state’s licensing liberalization achievements including universal licensing recognition in Prescott eNews.

Eli Cahan suggests that the Veteran’s Affairs interim final rule protecting its healthcare workers from state licensing, credentialing, and registration may trigger broader federal reform in the same direction.

Angie Jackson reports on a series of criminal justice bills passed by Michigan’s state Senate including one disqualifying misdemeanor offenses from ‘good moral character’ licensing considerations in Detroit Free Press.

Norbert Michel warns in Forbes that if the consent order on Fannie and Freddie mandating taxpayer payback and capital requirement compliance is not finalized, the banks may maintain risky conservatorship decision-making for another decade.

Abhimanyu Mahajan recommends the new Congress prioritize removing tight practice and citizenship restrictions on immigrant physicians in The Hill.

Jeffrey A. Singer presents a Goldwater Institute and R Street Institute study endorsing state scope-of-practice expansions for pharmacists in Cato commentary.

Nick Hilborne synthesizes recent research on the high-skill labor barriers to AI’s job and efficiency creating potential in law practice.


New Research

Bradley Larsen, Ziao Ju, Adam Kapor & Chuan Yu find in an NBER paper that increased coursework requirements for teacher licenses filter out some secondary school candidates attending less selective undergraduate institutions.

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