This Week In Occupational Licensing, December 21st

This Week In Occupational Licensing, December 21st

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SB 255, Ohio’s most recent occupational licensing reform, heads to the Governor’s desk. The main feature is that it would force a periodic review of the Buckeye State’s licensing requirements, putting proponents of these regressive regulations on the defensive.

Our response to “The Uneasy Case Against Occupational Licensing.” Reasonable people can disagree on the merits of licensing per se as a labor market regulation, but Frank Pasquale and┬áSandeep Vaheesan’s argument ignores much of the evidence against licensing.

News and Commentary

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards has introduced the Integrated Path to Architectural Licensing. It doesn’t eliminate any of the main requirements, but it offers aspiring architects alternatives to fulfilling these requirements.

New York massage therapists face hurdles to licensing. Not only are the regulations needlessly burdensome, but they’re also “bizarre” in that they lack a clear logic. In the Empire State, a hands-on examination (no pun intended) isn’t required.

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