This Week in Occupational Licensing, February 14th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, February 14th

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The Mercatus Center’s Healthcare Openness and Access Project proposed three reforms to improve access in rural areas that are plagued by extreme doctor scarcity. Targeting scope-of-practice laws, restrictions on technological innovation, and equipment supply barriers would help reduce some of the inconveniences of living in areas with few doctors.

News and Commentary

Tennessee State Rep. Martin Daniel has proposed a bill to eliminate the state Massage Licensure Board, and industry practitioners aren’t happy about it.

The lead sponsor of the West Virginia bill aimed at relaxing licensing requirements in many industries announced that the bill accidentally included reforms for health care professionals. His announcement came after industry officials raised concerns.

Previous Oklahoma policy makers were supporters of strong scope-of-practice laws restricting nurse practitioner’s authority. However, Sen. Jason Smalley, with support from industry officials, has authored a bill to end required physician supervision of nurses.

An exciting Arizona bill that gives Clinical Nurse Specialists authority to prescribe medicine to patients has passed its committee unanimously. This bill would put CNSs on similar ground as Nurse Practitioners, who receive similar education.

New Research

Despite strong job growth numbers nationally, New Mexico’s unemployment rate lags behind neighboring states.¬†Edward Timmons points to restrictive occupational licensing requirements as a potential explanation.

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