This Week in Occupational Licensing, February 18th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, February 18th

News and Commentary

A Massachusetts law recognizes pharmacists as health providers while expanding insurance coverage of telehealth reports Loren Bonner for the American Pharmacist Association.

Washington Representative Brandon Vick has introduced bills easing the state’s licensing processes for out-of-state workers writes Tim Gruver for The Center Square.

Karina Andrew announces in the Salt Lake Tribune that a Utah cosmetology licensing bill has made it to the House after intensive debate during subcommittee consideration.

A Florida bill would allow licensed barbers to practice outside of licensed barbershops says Scott Powers of Florida Politics.

Steven Adams notes in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel that a West Virginia bill permitting nearly universal out-of-state licensing recognition has made it to the House of Delegates.

MyChesCo details a Pennsylvania Department of State survey seeking to understand the impact of licensure on immigrants, refugees, and asylees.

Invision Magazine describes Oregon legislation which could expand optometrists’ scope of practice.

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