This Week in Occupational Licensing, January 17th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, January 17th

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Ohio leads the nation in occupational licensing reform. The most groundbreaking part of HB 255? Mandatory review of licensing boards every six years, which would require they be re-approved or expire “emancipat[ing] a person to lawfully engage in the profession, occupation, or occupational activity.”

How greater scope-of-practice for emergency department pharmacists could save time and money in emergency healthcare.


News and Commentary

Oklahoma panel makes “reasonable recommendations” on licensing reform. The suggestions include fee exemptions and training requirement waivers for military spouses and reforms to how criminal convictions relate to licensing.

Vermont considers streamlined licensing requirement for funeral directors.

Reason‘s Eric Boehm on where states are considering adding additional licensing requirements.

The Hamilton Project’s Ryan Nunn on the anti-competitive effects of licensing.

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