This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 12th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 12th

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The New Jersey Senate health committee just approved a bill that would allow advanced practice nurses to prescribe medication without supervision from a physician. Physician groups are predictably lining up in opposition, but this article from NJ Spotlight points out a flaw in physicians’ arguments that this would jeopardize patient safety: “collaboration agreements” do not require physicians to be on-site, and doctors must review only one patient case per year. Advanced practice nurses pay up to $500 per month for the privilege.

The editorial board of The Oklahoman came out in support of HB 1373, signed into law last month, which removes “good character” requirements for occupational licensing. Read our previous coverage of this issue and how the right embrace both deregulation and criminal justice reform with these specific policies.

Eric Morath of The Wall Street Journal writes about two reforms in North Dakota and Arizona that would automatically recognize out-of-state licenses, and their implications for a tight labor market.

The internet has not been kind to Connecticut Senator Jillian Gilchrest, the author of a Connecticut bill requiring nail technicians, eyelash technicians, and estheticians. Piling on is Marlo Safi writing for National Review, pointing out how the licensing requirement would hurt women the most, who make up the overwhelming majority of workers in those industries.

Following a new law in Indiana requiring teachers to take professional development courses to renew their teaching licenses, many teachers are outraged at the new burden placed on them by the requirements.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s libertarian streak continues. He vetoed three proposed licensing requirements, and further stated the legislature should “consider removing existing outdated or counterproductive licenses when considering new or the continuation of occupational licenses.”

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