This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 11th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 11th

News and Commentary

Lusine Poghosyan presents the state of nurse practitioner scope of practice reform in Niskanen commentary, recommending permanent expansion enabling flexible response to future health crises.

California professionals will have an additional six months for license renewal.

Indiana House Bill 1516 would require the licensure of behavioral analysts, reports Briana Brownlee for

Invision Magazine writes that Senate changes to a Mississippi bill expanding scope of practice for optometrists could be approved by the House.

Paul Hammel describes the universal licensing recognition advocacy of Mike Beyer, an eight year Navy electrician who doesn’t qualify for a license in Nebraska.

Hawaii House Bill 961 would ease licensing and government employment for military spouses says Kevin Knodell of the Honolulu Civil Beat.

Carter Woolly writes to the Salisbury Post on occupational licensing excesses, noting that after nine years Daniel King received his barbers license in North Carolina.

The costs of licensing restrictions on telehealth and scope of practice regulations have been laid bare during the pandemic opines Greg George in The Hill.


New Research

Bridget Dooling and Laura Stanley detail how federal regulations limiting telemedical treatment of opioid use disorder could be extended post-pandemic without Congressional approval.

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