This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 11th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 11th

News and Commentary

Adam P. Clay writes in The Meridian Star on how removing restrictions for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) could expand care for rural and underserved areas.

Licensed hairdressers are pushing back against a recent move by the Alaska State Board of Barbers and Hairdressers. The board voted to remove the practical exam for the license, but some have started an online petition to reinstate the requirement. Hopefully those pushing back can explain what specific threat to public safety exists to justify an additional exam.

Oklahoma’s state senate considers legislation to allow universal licensing, recognizing licenses from other states for many occupations. Such a policy would enable greater mobility for workers and improve economic growth for the state.

Wisconsin’s governor signed legislation enabling occupational license reciprocity for military spouses and current or retired members.

Jennifer Steinhauer reports in the New York Times on the job market for veterans, noting the barriers imposed by occupational licenses on military spouses who often cannot transfer licenses easily when moving from state to state.

Florida’s House passed a bill that would slash licensing requirements on a wide range of occupations and enable license reciprocity from different states.


New Research

A new working paper from the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University examines the role of occupational licensing and suggests license portability. The author of the paper, Stephen Slivinksi, stresses the benefits of universal licensing reciprocity compared to an interstate compact and notes how the policy avoids pitfalls in future regulation.

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