This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 13th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 13th

Rent Check

A bill in Arkansas would give pharmacists the power to administer oral contraceptives.


News and Commentary

A commentary on a recent report from the National Council on Teacher Quality found that the Bar exam is “easier” than a teacher licensing exam. “Easier” is a little misleading, but the higher passage rates for the Bar exam compared to teacher licensing shows a problem with the quality of primary and secondary school teacher education.

Quebec is considering getting rid of the nurse practitioner licensing requirement entirely, allowing nurses to become certified after graduating.

More good news from Arkansas! Another bill would expand the scope-of-practice for optometrists, allowing them to perform intraocular and intravenous injections and removal or biopsy of skin lesions, among other treatments.

To complete the Arkansas hat trick, another bill would repeal the state’s licensing requirement for barbers.┬áThere is predictable industry opposition.


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