This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 20

This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 20

Rent Check

A new Texas bill that would remove the occupational licensing requirement for cosmetologists is bringing out all the bad takes. We should focus on reducing rents and opening up the industry instead of worrying about unsubstantiated concerns for consumer protections.


News and Commentary

The Alabama Legislature recently used a special process to fast-track a gas tax increase, and Alabama Today is arguing they should use that same tactic for occupational licensing reform.

A Bipartisan bill aimed at reforming scope of practice laws for nurses is under consideration by the California Assembly. It would allow nurse practitioners to practice without the supervision of a physician.

Physician burnout is a serious issue, both for the wellbeing of physicians and for patients who may suffer from the mistakes made by overworked doctors, but expanding the scope-of-practice for nurse practitioners could ease their stress, argues Karim Awad.

A Tennessee bill would eliminate the licensing requirement for quality-of-life caregivers that care for fewer than three people.

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